About the founder of Royal Natural Snack:

Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir is the founder and Director for Royal Natural Snack. She was born in Reykjavík, Iceland.
She is married and the mother of four children. 

Elinora Inga has a B. Sc. degree in Geology but she is also a registered nurse and a licensed schoolteacher. 

In April 2023 elected the vice president of IFIA, International Federation of Inventors Associations, the first woman to be elected to this position. 
She is the founder and the chairman of KVENN, Innovative federation of women in Iceland having served as the chairman of the Icelandic Inventors’ Association (SFH, association of inventors and innovators) from 1998. 
Iceland’s representative for QUIN (Female Inventors in the Nordic and Baltic countries) as well as for GlobalWIIN (Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network) and from 2020 the president of EUWIIN (European women inventors and innovators network).  
Chairman of Fulbright Alumni (2015-2016). 
She was recently appointed a fellow of RSA

Her main interests are line dancing, country music and photography. She also enjoys traveling around her beautiful country,Iceland with her family. For many years she has been interested in all-natural foods and treats for pets, especially dogs. For centuries it has been the custom in Iceland to give dogs a treat of dried fish skin. In some countries it is not easy to obtain even fresh fish, let alone dried fish and dried fish skin, but here in Iceland we enjoy a plentiful of supply. The fish skin is very healthy for dogs, particularly for their teeth, and likewise for puppies. 

In her own words:
I am very proud to be able to give dog owners all over the world the opportunity to treat their dogs with one the best and most natural treats available in the world. I am especially happy to have been awarded for this product by 
GWIIN – Global Women Inventors Network

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